. . .  now that you’ve finished writing that ground-breaking dissertation, Nobel Prize-worthy white paper or Pulitzer Prize-competitive fiction, make sure  all the “tees” are crossed before  you hit "send."

"A good editor understands what you're talking and

writing about and doesn't meddle too much."  


" I offer editorial services that will ensure the content and key concepts of your writing are clear and  flow consistently. "  

Outside the Box editorial services follow AP Stylebook guidelines and best practice copy writing as defined in Strunk &White’s The Elements of Style

to make sure your writing is free of

  • syntax slips

  • dreaded typos

  • grammatical glitches

  • spelling errors   

  • incorrect punctuation

  • inaccurate references

  • clichés or skewed colloquialisms    

Additional Editorial Services 

Editorial Development / Print Project Management

      audience targeting; storyboard design and production oversight for annual reports,       

      newsletters, comprehensive magazines and newsletters,and Web content 

      (also see Content Writing >)

Research and Reference Review

Formatting Support

      ...to ensure page-to-page integrity, typeface consistency and 

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