Your vision is singular.  

The journey to making it real is compelling.

Tell the story in the voices of the people 

who carry your mission forward . . .d…

A good story

can be worth

a few good individual

donors . . .

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I help small to mid-size not for profits design and implement annual outreach strategies t0 cultivate individual donors, engage potential funding partners and recruit volunteers . . .

Consider the coveted individual donor… courted fervently by each not for profit mission he

or she may be connected to – or not. At year’s end their mailboxes – real and online – often overflow with persuasions to protect an endangered species, support medical research, 

ensure the future of their alma mater or growth of a critical social service provider or

protectorate of social justice.       With such steep competition for capturing the individual  donor, designing an innovative, targeted and tiered strategy to effectively engage them is 

now more important than ever. 

Fundamentally, a good brand

is the verbal and visual savvy;

and creatively crafted, carefully

targeted and consistent outreach 

that supports effective, cost-efficient institutional advancement > 

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