Strategic Branding

Strategic branding +

Effective brand management

= "My brand is yours!" 

"I specialize in the design of  targeted core  messages and visuals, and diversity-conscious

creative collateral that articulate your vision / mission, delivered with the highest standard

of entrepreneurial integrity and industry ethics."

I collaborate closely  with organizational leadership and key administrative    voices to define 

visual identity, 

verbal messaging 

and communications strategies that

translate into a measurable market return within a targeted or tiered audience 

Outside the Box

Strategic Branding Process                                                  

ONE:      Investigation

                and  Discovery  




​TWO:     Conversation

                and Collaboration


THREE:  Organization 

                  and Integration

FOUR:    Implementation

Strategic branding begins in-house, with a painstaking and candid     

drill-down to define core values and strengths, identify intra-organizational commonalities, and prioritize external partnerships.  It is a distillation of 

the perspectives of everyone from the drone worker to the queen bee – with a keen focus on the people they all serve every day.   


Effective brand management transforms the original vision into 

compelling individual, and collective, action for support – both within

the organizational culture and the broader community in which the organization lives.    


At its very best, brand management advances the founding vision

for good from a meaningful whisper to a roar of actualization. 

It will transcend every demographic definition to position an identity confidence that connects across race, gender, age, nationality,

income and geography to say:  “My brand is yours!”

Fundamentally, a good brand

is the verbal and visual savvy; 

and creatively crafted, carefully

targeted and consistent outreach strategy that  fuels effective, cost-efficient institutional advancement

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